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Voluntary Groups

  • The Bereavement Support Group

The present group is community based. Confidential and understanding support is offered to those who are grieving – all members of the group have had personal experience of grief and loss. They have also had an initial training. The group’s role is seen as support rather than counselling.  Contact 064 6641081

  •  St. Vincent de Paul

They provide support for those in need whether that be physical, financial or emotional.   Those supported are treated with respect and with the utmost confidentiality. This group meets every Monday at the Church Lodge at 7.30pm  (except July & August)   Contact 087 2870551

  •  Pioneer Association

The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association members seek to address alcohol-related problems in society, mainly through prayer, self-denial, and the promotion of positive life-styles. For more information about the PTAA see

  •  Graveyard Committees

There are committees for the four graveyards used by the Kenmare Parish. They maintain the graveyards, cutting the grass and other work as needed.   In this the various committees are assisted by the workers on the Rural Social Scheme.  They also organize an annual Mass in each graveyard.

Old Kenmare  Graveyard
Contact:  Bertie McSwiney 064 66 40719
Holy Cross Cemetery, (Cross Roads), Gortagass, Kenmare. 
Contact:  Tom O’Connor   064 66 41406

Old Templenoe & New Templenoe Graveyards
Contact:  Bridget Mahony 087 9008202

Templenoe Graveyards Committee takes care of 3 Graveyards in Templenoe.

(1). New Templenoe Graveyard.

(2)  Old Templenoe Graveyard.

(3). The Church of Ireland Graveyard at the Vestry, Templenoe.